Thursday, October 9, 2008


How often I hear, "You're black and you're NOT voting for Obama?" My answer is, "That's right, and here's why..." And that's when I feel like young Will Rogers of the old "Lost in Space" TV show -- you know, when the robot starts announcing: "Warning, Will Rogers!" As a black conservative, I realize that it's time to brace for a fight.

You see, I'm not going to vote for a man simply because we share the same skin color, especially when we differ so much in the "color" of our values and vision for America.

John McCain's vice-presidential pick, Mrs. Sarah Palin, is an American success story. She inspires me with her grit, determination, courage, and small-town values. But because she is a woman conservative (like the black conservative), the media and the Democrats will treat her like a pariah. Warning, Will Rogers! They will belittle, besmirch, and try to marginalize her. They will pursue their mean-spirited, dirt digging, politics of personal destruction to destroy her (and her family) and make her into something other than a capable, qualified, tough, first-rate leader. They will do this first because they believe that -- above all else, women should be free to destroy their babies in the womb. (Statistics now show that a larger percentage of black babies are being aborted than any other ethnic group; this should disturb us all! Apparently, Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger's dream of limiting the procreation of "inferior" races is coming true.) Anyone who dares to walk on their holy turf of unlimited abortion rights will be pilloried.

Secondly, they want to give government more power to make you sacrifice (pay more) to fulfill their skewed -- albeit, altruistic vision. They will sic their attack dogs of media sycophants and nasty, onerous left-wing bloggers on the McCain-Palin campaign. With their willing leftist voices and journalists in the media, it will seem like the Whole World is against the McCain-Palin ticket [Is she qualified? What about her pregnant daughter? How could she forsake her children and serve as VP? She's too cute. She's inexperienced, blah, blah, blah].

Black people, especially if you hold certain Christian values of kindness, fair-play, and honesty, watch and see how mean the people on your side will get over the next few days in an attempt to destroy all Obama opposition. You can already see it with the people on The View, MSNBC, CNN, Hollywood actors and directors, and R/B singers. (Did you read P. Diddy's idiotic, disconnected diatribe against McCain and Palin? P. Diddy: "There are no black people... in Alaska.”) And, apparently, Obama-loving Oprah is refusing to interview Sarah Palin on her show -- a program that typically spotlights outstanding, news-making women.

It's coming -- but black conservatives, women conservatives, young conservatives, old conservatives -- HOLD YOUR GROUND. Don't let them beat you down or smother your support for these two gifted American leaders. With McCain we have a genuine hero --tested in the crucible of war and years of service in the Senate. With Sarah Palin we have an accomplished, Real American governor. Both will provide the leadership that our country needs -- away from the destructive influence of unbridled Big Government liberalism.

I am a black conservative. My voice will be heard. I will not be ignored. Fellow conservatives: Stand Firm. Fight fairly. Defend right values. The warning is real.M.L. "Doc" Gibbs

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Rutter King said...

I believe it's Will Robinson, but I agree with your thought process.