Thursday, May 20, 2010


I heard a few Hispanics on the air today talking about how they went through the legal immigration process -- got the Green Card, worked and paid for citizenship, and how they resent the ones who are coming here illegally. They support the new Arizona immigration law.

As I watched the thousands of Hispanic protesters so willingly displayed on television, I asked myself, I wonder how many of these people have actually READ THE LAW? I suspect they are taking their marching orders from what people are saying ABOUT the law. And you gotta be suspicious when the hue and cry is coming from the President of Mexico (whose immigration laws would qualify as inhumane for those who would take the time to read them), from illegals, from folks connected to drug-cartels, from China, and from my good liberal friends -- useful idiots (in my opinion) of people who don't want to see enforcement of border security.

Read about how Mexico treats illegal aliens: How dare they criticize Arizona for trying to stem the tide of illegal aliens from coming into their state!

How many Arizona law-critics are simply being led (like Attorney General Eric Holder, like Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and like Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner) by what they heard or what they THINK the law says. All admitted on national TV interviews that they HAD NOT READ THE LAW.

Look at the president -- first, right out of the box, he says the law is "misguided," [one can only ask, had HE even read it], and now he says his Administration is going to look into the law and see IF...yes, IF the law is indeed discriminatory (misguided). His response reminds me of (his quick to judge before he got the facts) comment about how the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" with the arrest of his buddy Professor Gates.

The Obama administration is led by an agenda. Agenda trumps the facts. Agenda gins up emotion and loud protests, accusations of racism and the "potential" for violations of human rights.

And now CHINA is criticizing us because they are led to believe that the Arizona law could lead to possible human rights abuses. What??? China??? One only has to Google "China, persecution"* and see what REAL persecution looks like. Compared to the brutal atrocities of Chinese persecution, the Arizona Law is like sitting in a corner at school for punishment. The Chinese have a lot of nerve to even whisper that we might be violating "human rights"-- hypocrites! And again, these Chinese critics probably HAVEN'T READ THE LAW either!

Glen Beck read the WHOLE BILL on his show recently. He reported on what the bill actually SAYS. Protestors, White House officials and other Obamatons are simply parroting what they are SUPPOSED to say in opposition to something they are ignorant of. Ridiculous.

A large collection of news stories covering Christian Persecution in China.

PERSECUTION IN CHINA. While Falun Gong is practiced openly in 70 countries, today in its homeland of China it is subject to severe human rights violations.

BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific China's Christians suffer for their ...Nov 9, 2004 ... Human rights groups say that persecution against Chinese Christians is ... To an Evangelical Protestant like Mr Xu, joining one of China's