Sunday, October 24, 2010


Is there any merit at all to the various polling data -- and even the expectations of both parties -- that the Republicans will make significant gains this Nov. 2 election season? Is there merit to the prognostications of pundits and politicos that Democrats are in for a major wake-up call on November 2nd?

And just why is that?

Is it because a bunch of ignorant voters have been fooled and "worked-up" by the angry voices of those "dumb", racist, provincial, lily-white Tea Party agitators... or does it represent something different: perhaps, more specifically, a wholesale rejection of the party (and president) that continues to rush the passing of bills and bailouts without welcoming input from anyone who opposes them? Millions of voices -- voters -- are declaring their opposition to the plans and measures that President Obama and his party have passed. They are tired of the tyranny of liberalism -- its unwillingness to listen, and its lack of transparency?

Is there NO MERIT AT ALL to the fact that President Obama's policies of "hope and change" are being rejected by an electorate that doesn't want full scale Socialism and Bigger Government to be the destiny of the U.S.?

And for not doing even more, this administration wants to blame Republicans for not cooperating, for being the "Party of No". Democrats have controlled BOTH houses, in addition to the Executive Branch. They can push and pass anything they want with their majorities. The only thing that has stood in the way is a handful of DEMOCRATS that joined the Republican opposition at times. Conversely, to look at the election landscape now and to listen to the ads, one can barely find a Democrat running for office who will dare stand with the President and profess support for his spending, national defense, environmental and social policies. You'd think they were running AGAINST Obama-Palosi-Reid.

When I listen to people who oppose conservative and centrist views, I often wonder whether they see ANY MERIT AT ALL in the sensitivities and positions of conservatives, Tea Party members and people from the Right. It's as if Liberals would rather be blind to the groundswell of people opposing their policies and methods, treating this rejection of their governance as more of an aberration than a real and passionate expression of dissent and thought-out opposition. Frankly, it's as if they have no clue.

Look at the polling data: 70% of the people don't want Obamacare and government mandated health care. About 70% of Americans are not in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. Majorities in all states do not want gay "marriage". Most of America supports Arizona and other states protecting their citizens by enforcing illegal alien laws (but there's a president who "doesn't have the time" to visit Arizona and see first hand what the problems are). There's even a slim majority of Americans who are pro-life and not in favor of unfettered abortion, especially as a method of birth control. Most of us do not want high taxes and burgeoning bureaucratic federal agencies. But do you hear the President or members of his party acknowledge this glaring opposition, or give it a serious hearing in the making of policy? No.

Even liberal Socialist billionaire, George Soros -- the money man behind Media Matters, and big donor to The Center for American Progress and PBS -- calls this expected wave of Republican victory an "avalanche". But Democrats seem to think all the voter agitation is a "tempest in a Tea [Party] Pot", worthy of dismissal. And there's the president -- apparently oblivious to the hue and cry of the majority of the people, people he is supposed to serve.

But people -- like children tugging at Mamma or Daddy to please listen to them -- get angry. There comes a time in a free society when people confront their leaders and ask, "Don't our ideas, our desires, our majorities mean something?" Perhaps November 2nd will validate whether it's truly a teapot tempest or an angry avalanche of change.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I heard a few Hispanics on the air today talking about how they went through the legal immigration process -- got the Green Card, worked and paid for citizenship, and how they resent the ones who are coming here illegally. They support the new Arizona immigration law.

As I watched the thousands of Hispanic protesters so willingly displayed on television, I asked myself, I wonder how many of these people have actually READ THE LAW? I suspect they are taking their marching orders from what people are saying ABOUT the law. And you gotta be suspicious when the hue and cry is coming from the President of Mexico (whose immigration laws would qualify as inhumane for those who would take the time to read them), from illegals, from folks connected to drug-cartels, from China, and from my good liberal friends -- useful idiots (in my opinion) of people who don't want to see enforcement of border security.

Read about how Mexico treats illegal aliens: How dare they criticize Arizona for trying to stem the tide of illegal aliens from coming into their state!

How many Arizona law-critics are simply being led (like Attorney General Eric Holder, like Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and like Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner) by what they heard or what they THINK the law says. All admitted on national TV interviews that they HAD NOT READ THE LAW.

Look at the president -- first, right out of the box, he says the law is "misguided," [one can only ask, had HE even read it], and now he says his Administration is going to look into the law and see IF...yes, IF the law is indeed discriminatory (misguided). His response reminds me of (his quick to judge before he got the facts) comment about how the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" with the arrest of his buddy Professor Gates.

The Obama administration is led by an agenda. Agenda trumps the facts. Agenda gins up emotion and loud protests, accusations of racism and the "potential" for violations of human rights.

And now CHINA is criticizing us because they are led to believe that the Arizona law could lead to possible human rights abuses. What??? China??? One only has to Google "China, persecution"* and see what REAL persecution looks like. Compared to the brutal atrocities of Chinese persecution, the Arizona Law is like sitting in a corner at school for punishment. The Chinese have a lot of nerve to even whisper that we might be violating "human rights"-- hypocrites! And again, these Chinese critics probably HAVEN'T READ THE LAW either!

Glen Beck read the WHOLE BILL on his show recently. He reported on what the bill actually SAYS. Protestors, White House officials and other Obamatons are simply parroting what they are SUPPOSED to say in opposition to something they are ignorant of. Ridiculous.

A large collection of news stories covering Christian Persecution in China.

PERSECUTION IN CHINA. While Falun Gong is practiced openly in 70 countries, today in its homeland of China it is subject to severe human rights violations.

BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific China's Christians suffer for their ...Nov 9, 2004 ... Human rights groups say that persecution against Chinese Christians is ... To an Evangelical Protestant like Mr Xu, joining one of China's


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


President Obama said this: Health care deserves "up or down vote". As a show of respect to him, you would think that a loyal Democrat Congress would proceed with that vote. But what if many of those voting don't want their constituents to know how they would have voted, what could they do to take cover? Enter the Slaughter Solution. We now learn that the House of Representatives can pass the bill without voting at all.

The Slaughter Solution is a procedure being named for Democrat House Rules Chairwoman, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter where the House would pass the Senate's healthcare bill "without a vote." "A television news correspondent said this morning the healthcare bill would be the biggest change in healthcare in 40 years, yet House Democrats are trying to pass it under a sneaky scheme. The Capitol Hill Publication Congress Daily AM reported that House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is preparing to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote. Slaughter is weighing preparing a rule that would consider the Senate bill passed once the House approves a corrections bill that would make changes to the Senate version." -A note from Senate Minority Leader, John Boehner.

Oh yes, President said in a speech the other day that with this new health care bill, premiums will fall 3000%. Do the calculation. Doesn't something normally equal zero when it falls by ONE hundred percent?

And then there's Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; regarding the bill, she says, "It’s going to be very, very exciting. But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy." WHAT? Let me read that again: "...we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Even if you are in favor of the Health Reform bill, is this logical? Have you ever bought some high-ticket item and the salesman tells you, "You're gonna love this car. You can't see it yet, but trust me -- it's a beauty. No, I don't have any photos and, no, you can't test drive it, either. It's gonna cost you $100,000, and there's no money back guarantee. Just write the check. Trust me." If this happened to you, wouldn't you think that you were being snookered? Even if all these statements are gaffes, it seems that Democrat leaders are simply pulling out all stops -- no matter how idiotic, to push this nearly 3000 page, nearly one trillion government entitlement.

Stupid statements abound as they try to assure you and me and the unwashed masses that this is a good thing. So if it's such a good bill, why the scratching at the bottom of the barrel to get enough votes to pass it -- from your own majority party? Why all of the congressional deal-making (bribery), threats, and arm-twisting? Why the glowing assurances of passage, and projections of how much we're going to enjoy it? Remember that the tax increases begin almost as soon as it's passed, while most of the benefits don't kick in for four years! And how many of our representatives have even read it? The more time the public has to actually SEE what they are voting for, the less we like it. About three out of four Americans don't want it! This is no way to pass law -- especially not one so far-reaching and costly, and full of objectionable pieces of legislation. But "best" of all, Pelosi and company can pass it WITHOUT VOTING. Desperation in motion.