Sunday, October 24, 2010


Is there any merit at all to the various polling data -- and even the expectations of both parties -- that the Republicans will make significant gains this Nov. 2 election season? Is there merit to the prognostications of pundits and politicos that Democrats are in for a major wake-up call on November 2nd?

And just why is that?

Is it because a bunch of ignorant voters have been fooled and "worked-up" by the angry voices of those "dumb", racist, provincial, lily-white Tea Party agitators... or does it represent something different: perhaps, more specifically, a wholesale rejection of the party (and president) that continues to rush the passing of bills and bailouts without welcoming input from anyone who opposes them? Millions of voices -- voters -- are declaring their opposition to the plans and measures that President Obama and his party have passed. They are tired of the tyranny of liberalism -- its unwillingness to listen, and its lack of transparency?

Is there NO MERIT AT ALL to the fact that President Obama's policies of "hope and change" are being rejected by an electorate that doesn't want full scale Socialism and Bigger Government to be the destiny of the U.S.?

And for not doing even more, this administration wants to blame Republicans for not cooperating, for being the "Party of No". Democrats have controlled BOTH houses, in addition to the Executive Branch. They can push and pass anything they want with their majorities. The only thing that has stood in the way is a handful of DEMOCRATS that joined the Republican opposition at times. Conversely, to look at the election landscape now and to listen to the ads, one can barely find a Democrat running for office who will dare stand with the President and profess support for his spending, national defense, environmental and social policies. You'd think they were running AGAINST Obama-Palosi-Reid.

When I listen to people who oppose conservative and centrist views, I often wonder whether they see ANY MERIT AT ALL in the sensitivities and positions of conservatives, Tea Party members and people from the Right. It's as if Liberals would rather be blind to the groundswell of people opposing their policies and methods, treating this rejection of their governance as more of an aberration than a real and passionate expression of dissent and thought-out opposition. Frankly, it's as if they have no clue.

Look at the polling data: 70% of the people don't want Obamacare and government mandated health care. About 70% of Americans are not in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque. Majorities in all states do not want gay "marriage". Most of America supports Arizona and other states protecting their citizens by enforcing illegal alien laws (but there's a president who "doesn't have the time" to visit Arizona and see first hand what the problems are). There's even a slim majority of Americans who are pro-life and not in favor of unfettered abortion, especially as a method of birth control. Most of us do not want high taxes and burgeoning bureaucratic federal agencies. But do you hear the President or members of his party acknowledge this glaring opposition, or give it a serious hearing in the making of policy? No.

Even liberal Socialist billionaire, George Soros -- the money man behind Media Matters, and big donor to The Center for American Progress and PBS -- calls this expected wave of Republican victory an "avalanche". But Democrats seem to think all the voter agitation is a "tempest in a Tea [Party] Pot", worthy of dismissal. And there's the president -- apparently oblivious to the hue and cry of the majority of the people, people he is supposed to serve.

But people -- like children tugging at Mamma or Daddy to please listen to them -- get angry. There comes a time in a free society when people confront their leaders and ask, "Don't our ideas, our desires, our majorities mean something?" Perhaps November 2nd will validate whether it's truly a teapot tempest or an angry avalanche of change.