Monday, July 16, 2012


I have coined a phrase that explains how President Obama's reelection team and the Democrats are fighting Mitt Romney. I call it OCCUPY SQUAWK STREET. How it works: Fill the media with anti-Romney "news" and controversial statements that anger conservatives and Republicans, and we will all forget to talk about the president's pitiful performance.

Remember, the Democrats' self-professed goal this election season is to DESTROY ROMNEY.  So much for the post-Gabby appeal for peaceful discourse made after the assassination attempt on her. In DESTROYING Romney, and avoiding discussing the president's poor record, Dems get us sidetracked, squawking about non-essentials -- throwing the Jello of speculation, suspicion and spurious accusations against the Media Wall, stories that stick just long enough to occupy the very limited mass media air space: Talk about Romney's dog. Romney's wife's wardrobe. Romney's venture capital activities at Bain Capital. And don't forget -- Romney is rich, out-of-touch and white. (Weren't past Democrat candidates rich and white? John Edwards. Al Gore. John Kerry.  Doesn't matter.)

Their goal is to stuff the air waves, fill the talk shows, Occupy Squawk Street as much and as long as possible with character-assassination and that old politics of personal destruction. With the aid of a willing media, anti-Romney stories are released to float about, poisoning the air just long enough to poke and prod Romney, and keep us talking and thinking -- about nothing. More air space is used as Romney rebuts, responds and denies.  But it's all diversion, fulfilling the Dems plan to destroy Romney cut by cut, innuendo by innuendo, with fickle, unproveable (or slow-unprovable) accusations.  Have you noticed how each story seems to fizzle away in the face of truth? 

Here's more Jello. Controversial rants by the President (telling business people that they need to pay more taxes because they didn't build their businesses or their wealth "by themselves") provide more distraction and chatter. Business people are up in arms, filling the air space with angry rebuttals to a Socialist-leaning president's obvious pandering. This all takes up more Squawk Space, keeping us from talking about this president's dismal, debt busting, high unemployment record. Like their sister occupiers -- those Wall Street anarchists and public park demonstrators -- we can only hope that the Democrats' Machiavellian strategies will soon be exposed and shamefully fade away.

Murdock Gibbs
Coppell TX

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