Sunday, August 9, 2009



If you're a Democrat, tell your reps to start speaking the truth and quit smearing sincere Americans.

You've pooh-poohed and marginalized the Tea Party people. They are just concerned citizens -- concerned like our patriotic founders about high taxation and unresponsive government.

Likewise, health reform Town Hall protests are not coming from organized subsidized "mobs," as you call them, but from moms, dads, veterans, college students, plumbers, painters, senior citizens and other Americans who -- unlike most of Congress -- are reading this rush-to-pass-by-August Health Reform Bill, and finding some disturbing elements in this 1000 plus page document. These Americans simply disagree with your assessment and your urgency to pass a bill that could send us into bankruptcy and inch us closer to socialism.

Quit vilifying opposition to the Obama health reform plan. Speaker Palosi says the protesting Town Hallers are "Astroturfing." If you don't know what that is, check out the bio on Obama's main man, David Axelrod, who some say is an expert at Astroturfing. Senator Boxer says the protestors are dressed too nicely -- that they must be hired by Republicans or insurance companies. And now the White House wants people to report "fishy" information (or misinformation as you call it) to a government web site. Oh yes, don't forget to give the name, address, and other pertinent data about the source of this "fishy" information. And what's this? You're sending union reps (some call them thugs) to the Town Hall meetings, crowding out those who disagree with the bill...even beating up a black guy, using racial slurs against him, and sending him to the hospital. No, this wasn't the black Harvard professor, President Obama -- just a few union thugs "acting stupidly."

So tell me, Dems, is your strategy to muscle the bill through, sneak it through, slip it through, rush it through without allowing the light of examination to check out what's really in it?

I believe it's time for you to face the music: Your words, your trillion-dollar bills, your spend-spend-spend ideas, your tax-us-more dictates are not Gospel. They didn't come down from the mountaintop with Moses! Try this one on: some (maybe MOST) of us don't agree with your economic formulas. And furthermore, these voices of informed dissent will not be silenced, even in the face of Congressional name-calling, media bias, and even bullying from the president ("I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way."). Not everybody likes this bill. If you're a Democrat, I think you need to listen to these people. Some of them have even read the bill.

Murdock Gibbs
Coppell TX

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